The lose your belly diet

Do you want to lose your weight, to get rid of fats around your belly, and with all of that you want to be healthy, so simply all what you need is read the book issued recently by Dr. Travis Stork. This article summarizes for you the main ideas in the book of Dr. Travis Stork “The Lose Your Belly Diet

The main idea of the book

The lose of belly diet depends on a new research that shows the benefits of both vibrant gut health, and the diverse gut microbiota, through that you can follow a plan which enables you to get nutrition for your gut and at the same time burn off your excess weight and lose harmful belly fats.

Dr. Travis Stork named this plan with the so-called “The Super G-Life”, and this plan is simply based on a concept derived from researches which show that eating the food that increases, feeds, and helps to protect the microbes in your gut, this accordingly helps you in losing weight, being slimmer, and moreover it allows you to have a better health

It not about weight loss only

Travis illustrates that in the recent studies and researches related to such newly and rapidly growing field, there is a great link between having a healthy gut and having an overall better health, so it’s not only weight loss.

Scientists every day and with every study become more believing in that healthy gut is the easiest way for having a healthy body. This is greatly supported by the scientists’ findings that show connections and links between the gut microbiome and a healthy immune system, autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal, and even cancer, so these findings make scientists more convinced with the idea of having healthy gut in order to have a healthy body.

Microbes and Bacteria are not usually harmful

Most of us believe that microbes and bacteria are harmful generally, however, this is not the case when concerning microbes and bacteria in our gut.