How to play football

                                                 Football is the first game in the world .it’s one of the most collective important game.

It’s aims to spirits of actions- and co-operate.

I begin this article by explain how to play and rules about it  and the most important fundamentals …

And one of the most important skills about football:

1-Good planning to hit the ball

2-lift ball

3-Professional Pass

4-Bend the ball in the payment process

Football playing with legs and head only except goalkeeper rules follow about it and allow to touch ball .

They  follows the tactical ideas and plans that follow in the game.

Basic principles of football:

Football has been fascinated by youth and learn him how to make an effort and take over much of their time and follow the players by love .

They must be learn patient about football and the players must be learn determination and know that it is not so easy even if failed.

And know he  must be known that he cannot control the ball at the first time.

Trainer instructions

The player should not cancel the coach’s role.

The coach is the foundation in the player’s understanding of how the movements of football.

The player must take an advice and take advantage of the coach at the beginning of the game.

You must follow the ball by a good way, and must multiplicity of follow-up players distinguished.

You must also continue to follow the famous games constantly,So that the player can play in a distinctive way.

You must learn the movements and participate in special games.

football skills:

Skills are the basic rule of which is to shoot the ball with your foot or head, pass it to another player.

The goal shoots, goal strikes, corner strikes, free throws, indirect free throws, direct free kick, drop, penalty kick, ballistic shooting,this is the football skill you must learn about football.

Important Conditions  must be  met in the body of a football player:

The game of football is a powerful game that needs a strong body and strong in the stadium without fatigue or exhaustion. Fitness, flexibility and speed are among the most important qualities a successful footballer must have.

The player must be available not only in terms of physical characteristics, but also in terms of mental and mental characteristics.

 A football player should be able to play football, such as ambition, perseverance, lack of despair, intelligence.

Formal soccer uniforms are the same color worn by all team members except the goalkeeper who wears a uniform, plus gloves. As well as the coach.

 which coach is not obliged to wear any particular costume as well as anyone who helps him on the bench and also requires that the uniform is completely different from the uniforms of the opposing team.

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