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How to be single

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How to be single

Do you want to be in a relationship? Do you want to have a person in your life? Of course not if you have many reasons to be in a relationship, you should think deeply about it, because there is thousands of reasons that says it’s better to be single.

First you want to know how to be single and then think about how to live alone after that.

To be single, first you must improve yourself in all conditions of life and to live in any circumstances, people need to be in a relationship because they can’t do things with their own hands, such as driving, cooking, cut the grass in the garden, all these kinds of work you can make it without any help, always believe in yourself and learn to do all these things just to be single.

How to be single

Be aggressive

To be single, all you have to do is to talk with others like you are wear of them, and ask yourself millions of questions to know why he chose you to talk to, maybe he want to make fun of you and make yourself a fool, maybe he is a spy and want to know some in formations about you or your country, maybe your dress or suit looks expensive and he want to steel you ,and maybe he only want to know you, all these reasons makes others chose you to chat with ,you can only believe that he is a stranger ,and you want to be single, so if he began to say nice things like the weather is good today, you don’t look at him, just look angry and disgusting because he want to intrusion your privacy, if he continue to talk to you after this look, be aggressive and go away from this place angry.

Miserliness is the golden key of loneliness

You gain your money after a long life of fighting in work and to seek for chances to make good bargains, deal with an angry boss, or a lazy colleague that destroy all your efforts, all that just to gain money, so it is not logic to give your money to someone without any effort, or spent your money in things can be throw away after a while, like flowers or a box of chocolate, are you out of your mind?To be single make your money only for your happiness, never give your money to others even if they wanted it badly, they won’t die if you didn’t give them that money, and if you begin to give others money, they will relay on you every time, and never work to gain money, and if you are engaged, you will spend your money in things that never concern you.

      Don’t like children

The first thing that makes you engaged is having children and be a mother or a father; do you know who children are? You think they will wake up after you sing a soft song to open there eyes and smile , then give you a big hug and kiss , then they go to school happy , and after they came bake , they make their homework and play quietly with their toys and sleep peacefully ,wake up ,children never do that , you will make a great effort to wake them up , splash them with water and force them to go to school, and then to make their homework just worn them that you will kill them if they didn’t complete their homework, and then take a good medicine for the pain of your head because of the noise they will make when playing with their toys, and then thank God because finally the are asleep.

Even if your children are angels, if you can make them join a good school, so what will happened when they are sick? You will not sleep because the time of the medicine and you showed watch them every time, so don’t put yourself in all this problems, and be single to sleep well and never be worry about anything.

Say a lie

The best way to lose someone is to lie in anything, just one lie will make you subspecies, unfaithful and all you say will not be trusted, and this is the most important reason for anyone to prefer being single than to be engaged, when you lie on someone, you feel like you are genius because you make him believe on you and began to build all his aims and future on what you say, and even prepare some condition upon your lie, but when he find out, he won’t believe in anything after that ,and even fell that you are disrespectable and coward , the truth gives you power and honor, that you can easily loose them by saying a lie, so to de single just  Never fell in love

Love can change your life forever in both ways, a happy person or a miserable person, and unfortunately it happens quickly and you can’t avoid it, you fell that you must have this person forever because he is the source of life and happiness, and your relation will be like a rock, be sure that it is only in the beginning, and after a while it will be like a sand, by jealousy, responsibilities, gain more weight, the way you look will be changed ,so love is not wonderful as you think.

If you just follow all this constructions, you will be single happily ever after.        




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