Everyone in this life makes his happiness a goal in life, but first he showed find the key of this purpose, fisrt you showed know where to look. According to young age and fresh graduated, the first thing they thought about to fulfill their happiness is in a better job, to achievement success, and these kind of goals if it doesn’t happened as they aim,it can  make young ages miserable, after the young ages is graduated they dream of having a big home, a big fancy car, fancy holidays and promotions in their jobs, to have all this they showed take classes to be different and more talented than any other one because he will be in a very high competition with others to have his goals .

To have all this, certain things showed be in front of your eyes to have a complete happiness, you must have a balance in everything in life, having a big home and car is not the only way to be happy, it can make you only rich but you can follow some steps so that you can be both happy and rich   


Put some priorities in life

You can be so smart and have a good talent to make money so easy, but sometimes you can sacrifice a lot of echoes to make your goals, you must recognize that work and money is not the only way of feeling happy, like having a good night’s sleep, or hanging with your best friends, or visiting your relatives, you can forget to do these things while fighting to get money. So you find yourself really rich and successful but not happy and you can’t understand why you have this feeling.

Make your happiness with your own hands

Everyone have enough power and ability to control their own feelings, you must have a life style beyond the work, and every day make some activities like walking to get rid of negative energy that can you gain it from losing a Burgin as an example, or losing money because of a mistake from other colleges in work, or facing your boss who is in a bad temper, and always say “it is not the end of life”  

Don’t put yourself in a comparison

Sometimes you can put yourself in a challenge with every one you meet , you can find him more lazy or not smart as you , have a good life better than you ,and you begin to ask yourself why he have all this and I don’t , this kind of thoughts can always make you desperate and can’t find your way because it is not only your clever that can make you  reach all your goals, sometimes other has chances or skills  that makes them better than you are , others can be talented in things that you even never thought about like how to be always different and think out of the boxes in the same time you only try to improve your skills in a single part of life , so never put yourself in a comparison with others and say they are better than you are an be shore that you have something they don’t have, you can’t be always the only winner, people try to reach their goals also, so better than comparing yourself with others , try to learn more from them, and that is a very important key of happiness . 


Life is not always as you think

We all have different kind of experience in life, and we all realize that life is not as much as we’d like; sometimes you are forced to do things that you don’t like but you have to do it, so try always to give yourself a chance to do what you really love to make and good at it, you can write or travel or even run or cook, anything to put out yourself away from the boring routine.

Give a chance to trust the others

When you reach some of your goals, you feel that someone will take all that from you, and you prepare to do all your work by yourself to be shore than no one will demolish what are trying to build, this will make you  lose sleep, and you will not give yourself a chance to learn from other suggestions, people is not against you ,truly you are ,if you don’t trust your driver you will never reach your place ,  may be others see things form another point of you that you can’t see  ,to try to do this try to trust your family or closed friends , listen more and give reasons ,if you can’t do this you will be aggressive ,and tired and never fell happy even if you reached all your goals. It is really nice to share with others your work, and make a conversations with others to know from them more knowledge and experience, you are not alone in his life. And this is not only for work, but for life in a general. 

Happiness for the older ages

The reel happiness for the elder ages is so different; all their life fights and seeks for happiness, in a lot of subjects in life like rising children and making money and gaining good friends , after that they seek for relax , and good health , sometimes you want to  try a new food or go a new place but for them it is so different, they don’t make there happiness but they expect to gain happiness from you, don’t be miser with them ,and making them more happy for the few time they have in life , will make you feel happy .