Art Deco is aware widely varies from character to another and from one society to another, where it is linked to the cultures and studies, abilities and habits and traditions inherited and acquired through experience and Ettelaat techniques ultimately depend on the creativity and innovation of the designer or the decor maker. It is known that a good or successful design is the basis of any integrated work of art was motivated by the designer’s ability to adapt its culture and abilities in interior design or decoration service.


The choice of a certain color will depend upon the extent of Haouralansan comfortable with him, the colors strong influence on our behavior and moods to our case it is preferred that the colors are distributed so that:
The main color occupies a large proportion of the room and the second color space usually helps to highlight the color former Olney was chosen and advised to operate (20%) of space.
Taking into account that the light-colored suit small and narrow rooms, which makes it seem more spacious, low ceilings make them higher, and on the contrary, dark colors in large rooms or high ceilings used.

– Wallpaper is a means of multi-media decoration that add beauty to your home and walls.
Of the most obvious benefits of wallpaper is a radical change that caused the appearance of the rooms, new style breathes new life into the room, in some cases, it seems that the room has been completely renovated with a simple change in the wallpaper.
The most important benefit of wallpaper is the lack of nauseating smell of paint, a very small portion of the population may suffer from allergies to latex paint in the new user.
Relatively easy old background stripped of wallpaper and install a new one, this is the interest cited by many contractors in favor of wallpaper.

Paper-free installation of the walls and relatively trouble as it is free, it only takes one day and opacity needed to dry, this monster in the wallpaper to make it outshines every wall decor in the rooms you have, the cover available.

Paper-free installation of the walls and relatively trouble as it is free, it only takes one day and opacity needed to dry, this monster in the wallpaper to make it outshines every wall decor in the rooms you have, the cover available.

Defects wallpaper In the process of removing wallpaper, which it decided to cancel the wallpaper you will see deep scratches and marks are difficult to repair, leaving to use wallpaper again.

And there is little difference in the shadows and style immediately draws attention, and this ruin the look of the room.

Graphic art deco broad imagination that makes man creates his ideas to the feeling of the place is comfortable.

Aesthetics of everyday life are reflected in clear and realistic model through drawing threads wallpaper. Industrial materials for the wallpaper is an integral part of our lives and fully reflected in the pure geometric designs.

Stripping wallpaper is always is a must, it is rare for the installation of the new wallpaper over old paper, and this increases the time and labor required to remove small portions of the outstanding wallpaper on the wall.

Many people may hire a contractor because it wants to strip the old walls or installing a new one paper, and this way you can enjoy the beauty and ease and get on the back of the walls without the trouble of stripping leaves and installed.

There is no doubt that the decorative wallpaper back strongly to sweep the walls of your home, even though it is one of the fashions that maintained its position two years ago until now, it is at the same time is available to suit the style of your home from the far classic to trendy maximum degrees. And to preserve the beauty of these coated papers walls and upgrade the magnificence of your home to alert you to some of the errors that may not be where Tqaa.
Make sure the wall of the well, which you intend to Talpsih paper sizes, because they sold Roll, which in turn made certain measurements can not afford the increase nor decrease. For example, that you can not leave your even a few centimeters of paint so you compelled to make sure all the measurement accuracy.

You can not separate the wallpaper from home style and colors of furniture, be careful a lot to this point so as not to Tqaa in vulgarity or exaggeration.


Some of the mistakes committed in the wallpaper, especially while riding on their own is the speed to stick the paper or imprecision, painting appears that you should be united, meandering and uncoordinated.
It is seen as a vacuum that space which is located between and around and over and under and through the form specified in the design, and the vacuum is determined to realize the relationship between figure and ground, which result in them a sense of distance (dimension – term).
Vahsas viewer format is based on the vision of a positive figure as an entity and the surrounding background negative entity.

Produce and design unit consciously designed in planning multiple elements involved in the technical composition of the work, and focuses largely on determining relationships between these elements are in accordance with the base makes the viewer feel the work of art when you see it with satisfaction stems from «unit design«.
Fonts, colors and play a prominent role in connecting units of different design and assembled in a standard configuration, and show the unity of design through a link relationships between the component parts of the design.

Unbalance in the configuration …
This is reflected in the satisfaction felt by the viewer towards the overall shape of the design, and the balance represents a case in which the issue of units of designing distributed in neutral.