This year’s summer fashion trends are brought to you right off the red carpet to the streets. Latest fashion this year is very bold and full bright colors, metallic colors, and prints. Styles from the 70s and 80s are back! Here are some of the most important trends this summer.

  1. Sleeves

Off-shoulders, sleeve slits and bell sleeves are swarming up stores since the beginning of the year. They are a very trendy and chic pieces of fashion for the summer.

  1. Ruffles

This summer we can find ruffles on everything from tops to skirts to dresses. It’s the summer of ruffles. It could be very elegant to wear ruffles on a simple plane outfit giving it some brilliant sophistication.

  1. Boxy Shoulders

Another piece of fashion coming right back from the 80s is boxy shoulders. Many celebrities can be seen this year putting on this pretty piece.  A blouse with a boxy shoulder can be considered quite chick and fit for special occasions.

  1. Yellow

The color of the year is a very bright, fresh and lively color for the summer. It’s very trendy to add up a yellow piece of clothing in your outfit making it more cheerful.

  1. Fuchsia

Girls surely love this color! Another bubbly color is very much back this summer. Get yourself a hot pink shoes or a mini bag to add to your trendy fashionable outfit this year.


  1. Floral

Floral finds its way again to fashion again this summer even harder than any time before. Floral maxi dresses are always very pretty and everybody loves the flowers.

  1. 70s Prints and Patches

Prints and patches of different colors and shapes are all over the stores bringing back the impression of the disco times in the 70s. Try all the different colors brought up to you by designers this year.

  1. Metallic

Designers did shake it up a little this year with this modern style. You can find metallic dresses and skirts this year in many stores. It’s a very attractive piece of clothing for your summer parties.

  1. High-waisted pants

You can find high waist pants nowadays all over the stores. Wear it with a cute blouse and you will find yourself the sophisticated elegant look of the year.

  1. Kitten Heels

Together with slingbacks, kitten heels are what’s hot this year. It started from the French street fashion and we all trust and follow the French to get what’s new and hot.

  1. Mini bags

Mini bags are around this year’s spring and summer. They can be worn slung across your body with a nice gold chain or held like a mini wallet in your hand. Mini bags have a pretty much vintage polite look.



  1. Bralettes

Bralettes are now seen on many celebrities and runways. Bralettes over plane shirts, buttoned shirts even suits are now out. Many different shapes and textures are available including leather, crouches and prints. It’s a very challenging piece of clothing to wear and not anyone could have the courage to pull it off.